Why Capricorn Men Cheat

Men do cheat. In fact, there are studies that suggest that men tend to seek sexual satisfaction outside of the formal relationship even if they’re extremely emotionally attached to their partners. There’s even one study that claims that 40 percent of men in a relationship seeks sexual satisfaction outside of their current relationship. This is also part of the classic research done by Kinsey where it found out that 50 percent of the US men do cheat at some point of their lives. Though almost half of men do cheat, there are some men who are more likely to cheat than the rest. And this is true as well for men born under different signs. Among the different signs, it is often thought that Capricorn men tend to cheat more than their counterparts.

Capricorn, As a Lover 

As a lover, Capricorn men are known to be shy in expressing their feelings and affection. And because of this, these men are thought to be afraid to express their feelings. These men are known for many things including caring, loving and highly intelligent.  There are times as well when the Capricorn men are more cautious, cold and naughty. In short the sign is all about love. The biggest problem of the men under this sign is their confidence. Because they put too much premium in love and their partners, there comes a point when they think that their love interest and partners will be unfaithful. This is perhaps the source of the many talks that Capricorn men do cheat. They will always question the loyalty of their partners, because they value love and relationships and because they’re too afraid to be left behind by someone they love. But once the Capricorn men found their partners that they truly love and they commit, the regular Capricorn man will likely fight for the relationship and he will go out of his way in order to preserve the love and commitment. Men are loyal lovers when they fall in love and they seldom divorce. The reason for this is they believe that any situation can be worked out. These men are also known to put high importance on personal happiness and of course the happiness of their partners.

Once the Capricorn man commits, he commits completely

This is the one aspect of the traits of these men that typically stand out. When they commit, they will do anything in order to make their partners happy as long as their partners return the favor. But when their partners fail to take note of these and they fail to respond, then that’s another trigger for the Capricorn men to cheat and find happiness in others. So the challenge for women is to show to these Capricorn men that they’re appreciated and that they’re loved.

Do Capricorn Men Really Cheat? 

Studies suggest that nearly half of the men population will cheat at some point in their lives, but there are some men who will likely find another woman. By looking at the nature of Capricorn men as lovers, yes they may cheat if they think that they are not getting something from their relationships.


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