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Jealousy Signs of a Taurus Man

There are a number of attributes linked to the Taurus man. It is said that they’re patient, reliable, loving, persistent, determined, security-loving, self-indulgent and jealous. Yes, of all the signs in the Zodiac, the bull sign is considered as more likely to get jealous and it is in their nature. These are the men that love material gain and earthly pleasures. And for these men, the outcome is the most important thing. Things will not mean anything to them unless they are on top and gained from the experience. This is one of the few signs who pursue the good life- they love to bask in the good things in life and want the same as well in their relationships and for their partners.

Stubborn like a bull and other traits of the Taurus men

Just like the animal that represents them, Taurus men are considered stubborn. This may seem like a negative trait for many, but in reality this is one way of the men under this sign to continue working on their course of actions and dreams. These men will always stick to their game plan and such they are known as very pragmatic and dependable. For this reason, women who have Taurus men for their partners should allow their men to work on their own phase at their own time. Taurus men are born under the fixed sign and government by Venus. Because the sign is governed by this planet, the Taurus men are likely to enjoy the moment and seek earthly pleasures. This adds up to the quality traits of the men with its sensuality, creativity and appreciation of the good things in life. By nature, they need to be surrounded by the good and beautiful things alike in order to be happy and satisfied. They also like stability and loyalty from their partners. And because they can be both sentimental and emotional, the Taurus men can be somewhat difficult when they get jealous.

Another interesting trait of the Taurus men is that they will go all the way to attend to the needs of their partners. They will bring their partners to good restaurants and places, they will shower them with luxurious presents, and they always make sure that their partners are getting the most out of everything. These men are not the type of lovers who will compete with other men for the attention of their partners. But when they are abused, they may get jealous as well and they will never forget the betrayal and infidelity.

Understanding Taurus Men

Here’s the thing that cannot be denied with Taurus- they have this urge to express what they feel and they are always motivated to show their love and emotions to their loved ones and partners. And most of the time, this kind of attitude though extremely positive in the surface may be difficult as well for their partners and loved ones. The Taurus men may cause uneasiness due to close questioning about their activities and whereabouts. The challenge for the Taurus men is to clearly draw the line between jealousy and possessiveness as this will help them maintain fruitful relationships.



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