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How to keep a Virgo man happy

Virgos are perfectionists. Although that may sound daunting, it isn’t too difficult to keep your Virgo man happy, if you follow some straightforward guidelines.

Virgo men are very keen on tidiness and neatness. If you want to keep them happy, then clean up after yourself and don’t let your house get too messy. But don’t do all the work, either – Virgos are very practical and they can put this attribute to good use by doing their share of the housework.

Virgos can be very keen on order and routine too, and can come across as being rather harsh if their preferred daily habits are not always adhered to. Try and persuade your Virgo to be a little more relaxed for an easy home life.

Don’t worry too much about flowers, Valentine’s cards and other conventional romantic tools. Your Virgo will be far more impressed if you help him in practical ways than through showing your love by making gestures.

When it comes to presents, Virgos can be difficult to buy for. They are very utilitarian creatures, and if they need anything they will buy it. If they don’t, they won’t see the point! Clothes are a fairly good choice, but don’t buy anything that’s too dissimilar from what they already have. Similarly, if they have a particular hobby, then buy them something along those lines. Do your research carefully though, as Virgos can be quite scathing – some might say ungrateful – if you get them something they don’t want.

Virgos can struggle with communication, and what they feel is a justifiable or helpful criticism may come across as being needlessly grumpy. Bear in mind when they start complaining that some of what they say is useful and you may need to take it on the chin. You can also work with them to improve their communication skills – they will improve given time and patience.

If you’re hurt, then try not to respond by getting emotional. But don’t put up with any nonsense either. If they have crossed the line into being nasty, then be upfront and calm about pointing out that what they’ve said is hurtful or overly picky. If you can get the balance right, the relationship will flourish.

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