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Are Libra men liars and cheaters?

Librans are one of the most charming signs of the Zodiac. They love people, they love to get along with others, and they’re extremely romantic. But the flip side is that this desire to get on with people, and their eternal search for beauty, means that they are not the most faithful sign in the Zodiac. Although Libras can be very attentive and romantic, if their social networking and charm is combined with a roving eye, then it can lead to trouble for your relationship.

To stop Mr Libra from cheating, pay attention to details and make an effort to keep your relationship fresh – don’t be tempted to think that, because you’ve been going steady for a while, you can forget about flowers, chocolates and surprise gifts. Libras are generally one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac and they will make an effort with you – and will feel put out if you don’t do the same, as Libras believe love and affection is expressed by gestures. Be creative to grab and hold their attention, and make sure that your Libra does not feel that he is putting in more than he is getting.

Of course, not all Libras stray, and it’s a fallacy to blame a roving eye (or any other roving parts of the anatomy) purely on star sign  - many Libras are a sweet combination of both romance and fidelity. If you’ve made a massive effort and Mr Libra has still been unfaithful, then you’re better off cutting your losses and letting him become some other woman’s charming but sexually incontinent problem!

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