Aries Profile

You are born under the sun sign of Aries if your birthday falls between March 21st and April 19th. Aries are a Fire sign, like Leo and Sagittarius. The insignia of this star sign is the ram.

Aries Personality Profile

Aries are quick tempered, ambitious and very driven. They work extremely hard to achieve their goals – which is fortunate, as they set their sights very high indeed.

Aries can be rather blunt and forceful in their dealings with other people. They rarely mean any hurt, and are often mystified as to how they have caused offence – this needs to be spelled out to them.

This sign is one of the least patient in the zodiac – in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any other sign with a bigger tendency to leap before they look! This characteristic can get Aries into a lot of trouble – however, their essentially clever nature and well honed instincts mean that, much of the time, they are headed in the right direction.

Aries are extremely honest and are full of integrity. They can be self centered when it comes to figuring out the course of action that is best for them – and hang anyone else who may be affected by what they want to do! However, they are extremely gallant and will go out of their way to help anyone who, for example, has broken down or is stranded.

Aries Careers

Aries tend to be drawn to quite macho, active careers. They tend to do very well in the army and other services. They also may enjoy unusual careers like working as a stunt person or as a racing car driver. This last will suit, as Aries also tend to like working with mechanical things that go fast – many an Aries dreams of becoming a pilot!

Their love of action combined with their inclination towards being the knight in shining armour means that they like careers in the emergency rescue services. So, working in mountain rescue, as a coast guard or as a fire fighter will appeal a lot to Aries.

If an Aries go into business, they will be forward thinking and innovative, as well as very competitive. However, they should take care to have one or two Earth signs on board. The influence of a Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn will be needed to make sure that practical details come together while the Aries is off wheeling, dealing and providing leadership.

Aries Interests

Aries are very keen on physical sports, and will be happy if they can combine an aspect of this into their careers.

They tend to like one on one physical and combative sports. This includes conventional sports like boxing and wrestling, but in recent decades they have been amongst the first of the signs to take up oriental martial arts, including karate, judo, kung fu, muay Thai and so on. Winning in these sports means a great deal to an Aries.

Aries also love speed – they tend to be enthusiastic about their cars or, even better, motorcycles. They would love to dabble in Formula 1, but on a smaller scale, enjoy go-karting and quad biking.

Aries also like fast paced team sports like football and rugby. However, they tend to want to lead the team, but sometimes their analytic and strategic thinking is lacking.

Aries Love Profile

If an Aries falls in love, they fall in love hard. They will do anything to pursue their intended, and will all but refuse to take no for an answer.

However, they actually enjoy the chase in itself, as well as it being the means to an end. Their intended should not submit to their charms too quickly, to maintain their intrigue. Aries may also get rather bored and deflated if they feel that their wooing is over too quickly!

Aries get on particularly well with Air signs; particularly Libra, but also Aquarius and Gemini. These signs are very sociable and will be able to smooth things out if the Aries has been rather too honest with friends and family! They will also be best able to reason sudden Aries desires into long term rational goals and plans.

Aries tend to not get on very well with Water signs – they find the emotional intensity of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer rather frustrating, and cannot abide the sulking that goes on if they say something that offends their watery companions.

Life with an Aries is full of ups and downs, and they may come home ready to put a plan into action that is going to cause upheaval for the rest of the family! But they do genuinely try their best for their loved ones, and a calm discussion is usually enough to work out any problems. It is also worth bearing in mind that, often, their ideas really will be for the best.

Aries also believe that their home should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation. They dislike arguments within the family, and love a little bit of pampering after a hard day of battling with the world!

Aries Faults

The plain-speaking Aries can upset more sensitive people, particularly those who are born under a Water sign. Remember, if an Aries has offended you, the best way to deal with it is to quickly point it out, let them make amends, and then forget about the matter.

Aries can sometimes lack staying power, and may be caught up in a new idea or project before they have properly finished with their previous passion.

The dominant nature of Aries, as well as their sometimes quickly changing enthusiasms, mean that others can sometimes feel as if they are being dragged along in their wake. Aries may need to work on spending time explaining their reasoning to others, and letting them have an input into decisions that affect them.

Aries can be extremely quick tempered. They can fly into rages at very slight provocation. However, their anger leaves just as quickly as it arrives – although other people may not quite see this the same way, and may find them unsettling to work for. If they are in a position of authority, then Aries need to find alternative ways of letting off steam.

Air signs are usually very good at deflating any arrogance on the part of the Aries. More generally, an Aries will sometimes need people around them who are patient and prepared to deal with any upset people or unfinished matters that they have left in their wake.


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Compatability with Scorpios

Scorpios have the reputation of being the bad boys and girls of the zodiac – they are manipulative, can be drawn to great evil, can abuse alcohol and drugs, and can be extremely jealous, possessive and vengeful! Although more modern astrologers have moved away from the negative stereotypes of Scorpio, and highlight their caring and passionate sides, you’d still have to be brave to want to tangle with one!

Scorpios and Air Signs

The air signs of the zodiac are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Generally speaking, they do not have the best relationships with Scorpios. All of the air signs tend to value their independence and, even if they are fully committed to a partner, place great value on having strong friendships outside this partnership. This can cause the Scorpio to become extremely jealous!

Scorpio will have great fun with Aquarius in bed. However, in the longer term, the Aquarius will retreat from the intensity shown by the Scorpio, and Scorpio will become frustrated by the aloof Aquarius nature and need for constant outside stimulation.

Scorpio, you would think, would get on with Libra. Both signs can be equally charming in company, and very popular. However, Libras are more genuinely sociable than Scorpios, and flit around parties because they love speaking to others. Scorpios are magnetic, but often tend to be measuring those that they meet at the same time. This relationship will get off to a flying start, but may quickly run into trouble.

Scorpios and Geminis have a troubled relationship. Geminis can be flippant, have a lot of friends, and make decisions with their head rather than their hearts. Scorpios tend to be more intense and serious, and may find the Gemini tendency to wander off and become involved with the wider world very frustrating.

Scorpios and Water Signs

Scorpio itself is a water sign, along with Pisces and Cancer. Most people born under these signs make very good matches with Scorpios.

However, a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship can be a tough one – a real “can’t live with each other, can’t live without each other”, Wuthering Heights style love affair! The problem is that the Scorpios are too similar – all smouldering passions, pointed silences, magnetic charm and reliance on intuition. Add a fair old whack of jealously into the mix, and you’re in for a rollercoaster ride! This relationship can work if both Scorpios can learn to calm down their emotions – but that’s a big if!

Pisces and Scorpio get on very well. Scorpio will provide direction to the Pisces, and will also be able to steer them away from making disastrous decisions. The Pisces naivete is a good foil to Scorpio’s intensity, and Pisces will be able to instinctively navigate the emotional minefield that comes with having a relationship with a Scorpio. This can be a very good long term match.

Cancer and Scorpio have a good relationship too. Scorpio’s dominant nature will be good for Cancer, and Cancer’s instinct to nurture can bring out the best in Scorpio. Cancers are one of the best-hearted and kindest signs in the Zodiac, and this may be exactly what the sometimes troubled and intense Scorpios need. However, both are inclined to sulk if they don’t get their own way, so there will be some arguments!

Scorpio and Fire Signs

Scorpio has varying success with fire signs, which include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Sometimes the energy of fire will be enough to shake off Scorpio’s inclination to be dark and brooding. However, sometimes the Scorpio just won’t find enough to match their emotional intensity.

Leo is naturally more cheerful and adventurous than Scorpio. They will have an excellent physical relationship, but Leos will need to make sure their natural inclination to flirt and be the centre of attention does not trigger their mate’s jealousy. Scorpio will also need to work on being less intense and at times demanding, as Leos will get fed up of a partner who they feel is controlling.

Aries and Scorpio can be a good partnership, as Aries will provide energy and direction and Scorpio can provide the emotional intelligence that Aries need in order to succeed. However, this can be rather an unstable partnership, as Aries can be rather too blunt and direct, and Scorpio is inclined to fume about this and play games, rather than dealing with their errant Aries by being upfront and straightforwardly pointing out what they have done wrong.

Sagittarius and Scorpio can be a very tricky match. Archers tend to be very independent, and like adventuring. Both these attributes can make Scorpios feel insecure about the relationship, which may in turn make Sagittarius feel stifled. A difficult partnership.

Scorpios and Earth Signs

Just like with Fire signs, Scorpios can have excellent relationships with some Earth signs – these include Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. However, work is required on both sides for any partnership to succeed.

Scorpios can have very good partnerships with Capricorns. Both signs are very passionate in bed, and this will get the relationship off to a good start. Capricorns seek security and routine, which will mean that Scorpio’s jealous streak will never really get a chance to get going. This is an excellent long term partnership.

On paper, Scorpios and Virgos should get on well together. However, Scorpios tend to be very focused on having lots of sex, while Virgos are far more reserved and instinctively want to take things a bit more slowly! They will be great friends and will have a lot to talk about, but they might be best in a platonic relationship.

Taurus gets on very well with Scorpio. Both of them can be very passionate and quite possessive of lovers, so it’s unlikely that either of them will find cause to be jealous – they will both be as intense as each other! Scorpios are likely to dominate this relationship, which may sometimes rather annoy the Taurus. However, generally speaking, this is a very good match.






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Gemini relationships

Geminis tend to be ruled by the mind, and will usually make decisions on a rational basis rather than by gut instinct. Sometimes they would be better off if they let their heart have more of a say in relationships!

Geminis can find it difficult to commit to just one partner or major relationship, and are likely to have a group of close friends rather than one best friend.

The sarcastic Gemini nature may cause trouble for their loved ones – they can be quite sharp-tongued, if also very funny, and sometimes they need to do more to keep their wit in check.

Geminis should realise that sometimes they do need to make choices and that losing a little independence may do them good in the long run. However, they need partners that do not stifle them, and that can support the lofty Gemini ambitions.

Cynicism about love is one of the barriers to Geminis forming lasting relationships. Sometimes they need to go with their instincts and believe in the power of love, rather than always dismissing happy endings as something that happen only in fairly tales.

Geminis with Air Signs

Gemini is an air sign itself, of course. These signs tend to be driven by the intellect. They need a lot of independence, and love to demonstrate their verbal dexterity. Some of the best matches a Gemini will be able to find are with fellow air signs.

A Gemini-Libra match will be a very social partnership, with both parties keen on entertaining and going out. Their quick wit will delight and amuse their friends, and they will be popular hosts. They will be affectionate and warm, but never overly syrupy.

Gemini also make very good matches with those born under the sign of Aquarius. Both signs are adventurers and interested in wider humanity. As a couple, they will be drawn to taking part in protest movements, and are likely to go on very adventurous holidays. Intellectual rather than physical compatibility underpins this relationship, but both will enjoy experimenting in bed.

A Gemini-Gemini match can also work, but both partners will need to make sure that their natural cynicism and sarcasm does not lead to arguments, and their tendency to be aloof does not stifle the relationship before it can really get going.

Gemini with Water Signs

Gemini tends not to get on very well with water signs, which are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. They are ruled by emotional impulses rather than making rational decisions, which can become very frustrating – the Water Signs will not understand why Gemini pays so little attention to their emotional state, while the Gemini will fail to see why their partner is so in thrall to their seemingly pointless and tiresome fits and fancies.

Cancer tends to be a very nurturing sign, but this can feel stifling to the independent minded Gemini. Cancer may also get a bit fed up with Gemini going off on their own all the time!

Pisces and Gemini is a difficult match. Gemini will be fascinated by the creative ability of their Pisces partner. However, Gemini will also not understand the Pisces need to immerse themselves into the lives of others.

Scorpio is possibly the best of all the air signs to form a relationship with Gemini. Scorpio is more analytical than the other water signs, and their magnetic personality will be alluring to Geminis. However, the Gemini love of independence and the need for several close friends may spark Scorpio jealousy – in which case, watch out for the fireworks!

Gemini with Fire Signs

Geminis tend to get on very well with Fire signs, which include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs have lots of energy, which Gemini needs in a partner in order not to get bored.

Leo and Gemini make very good partners. Leo will provide direction and stability for Gemini, and encourage them to use their talents to their fullest potential. The Gemini wit will make sure that Leo never gets too full of themselves. The Leo love of extravagance and the Gemini love of adventure will mean that they hold excellent parties.

Gemini also get on very well with Aries. Like Gemini, Aries can sometimes be quite blunt and outspoken, so the two are a very good match for each other in this regard – although the Gemini in the relationship may find them in the unaccustomed position of having to reign in Aries when they are in danger of offending friends and family members.

Sagittarius is possibly the best match of the air signs for Gemini, but the two signs will still get on very well. Sagittarians value their independence too, but apart from this both signs have very different ways to view the world. Communication is the key to the success of this match.

Gemini with Earth Signs

Earth signs, like Virgo, Taurus and Leo, traditionally do not have the best of relationships with Gemini. Earth signs tend to be very slow and deliberate, and weigh up every possible course of action before making a decision. Although they are similarly committed to logic, Geminis move a lot faster, will regard the pace of the earth signs as extremely tiresome and boring, while Earth signs will regard Gemini as being unfathomable and flighty.

Virgos are generally considered one of the worst matches for a Gemini. It can work, but Virgo will greatly need to rein in their tendency to pick holes. They often have a point with their criticism, but Geminis will have a very low threshold for this and the Virgo will quickly find themselves dealing with the sharp end of the Gemini wit. This will be a fiery partnership, full of argument.

With Capricorns and Taurus, Geminis may soon find themselves wishing for a more extrovert and entertaining partner. However, the Earth signs can give Gemini direction and encourage them to develop more staying power.

If a Gemini is to have a successful partnership with an Earth sign, then both sides are going to have to learn to hold their tongues and try not to get too bogged down in previous rights or wrongs.



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Scorpio characteristics

You are a Scorpio if you were born between

Scorpio is a water sign, like Pisces and Leo. That means that they are often ruled by their emotions. However, they are atypical of the water signs as they have a strong analytical streak.

Scorpio Personality

Scorpios have a very magnetic personality. They understand the allure of secrecy, and will use it to captivate their admirers – and they will have many.

At social events, they can be extremely charming – but will also be measuring up people that they are introduced to, to see whether or not they will be of any future use!

Scorpios can be very powerful and influential, if they so desire. They may not be the centre of attention, but they watch everything that goes on around them and have a keen eye for what motivates others.

Scorpios are often ruled by powerful emotions and can become extremely strongly attached to other people – almost obsessively so. However, they also are extremely intellectual, with provides a powerful match for their emotional desires. If they want something, they will put all their brainpower at work to gain it!

Scorpios have a lot of emotional energy. They put this to use getting to the top of their field, observing others, and using their insights to charm the people around them. However, if their emotions are not put to good use, they can become jealous, angry and fretful.

Scorpio Hobbies

Scorpios like exploring hidden places. They therefore enjoy caving, mountaineering and scuba diving. They also like contact sports,and games that involve a strong element of strategy – both physical games and video games.

Scorpios are also often drawn to collect knives and weapons.

The other main hobby of Scorpios is having sex, and lots of it! Anything that can spice things up in this department, including lingerie and sex toys, is bound to go down well.

Scorpio Careers

Scorpios can be very detached and analytical – this means that they make excellent researchers. If they are interested in medicine they may not have the warmest bedside manner, but will be able to maintain a cool head in a crisis.

Scorpios also like dealing with mysteries. This mean that they make excellent policemen and private detectors – or, indeed, are attracted to any profession where they will find out more about hidden matters. Law may also be an option for them.

If Scorpios so desire, they can use their intuition and their drive to unravel dark secrets to do great good in the world. However, they should also be aware that this side of their personality may lead them on a destructive path.

The observation and intuition of a Scorpio, coupled with their desire to be out of the spotlight, may mean that they are very good political advisers or spin doctors – and their intuition means that they will be invaluable to those they support.

Scorpios tend to be very ambitious, and will always seek to rise to the top – sometimes by less than savoury means!

Scorpio in love

Scorpios are unlikely to tumble into your arms and begin a relationship by telling everything about themselves. They are also extremely unlikely to want to progress a relationship slowly and gradually.

They like to play games and they like a lot of bedroom action. This means that, particularly at first, your relationship may be a little unpredictable. You may spend two days having fantastic sex – but then your Scorpio playmate will become aloof and mysterious when asked what they are doing next weekend.

Scorpios do like their independence and they like to play hard to get. Playing on their sense of jealousy may be one way of getting them to become a little more committed and open – however, you should beware of taking this too far, as Scorpios will become impossible to live with if they genuinely believe that you are playing away.

Scorpios take a long time to get into a routine, committed relationship. However, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. This relationship will keep you on your toes – but be careful it doesn’t sap too much of your energy.

In the bedroom – and, frankly, anywhere else you care to mention! – Scorpios are possibly the most passionate sign in the zodiac. Scorpios place a high emphasis on physical relationships and sexual pleasure.

However, Scorpios should remember that other star signs can take a while to build up to swinging from the lightbulbs – particularly with earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, they may need to use their patience to curb their wilder instincts!

Scorpio in friendship

Scorpios are very charismatic, and many people will seek their friendship. If they respect you, Scorpios can be very loyal. They will use their intuition to help you out with troubles – if so desire. However, they can be fair weather friends if they feel that your usefulness is at an end.They can also be very sharp-tongued, particularly if they are jealous of you or feel that you have somehow wronged them.

Scorpios can take a while to get to know, as they dislike revealing their secrets all at once. You should take your cues from your Scorpio friend and be similarly cautious about telling them all your secrets, too – they may get bored if they think they know everything about you!

Scorpio faults

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Scorpios have possibly the worst reputation! They are known for their jealously and possessiveness, and indeed have been since before the modern Zodiac was created.

Scorpios need to sometimes remember that acting like your friend or partner is going to betray you sometimes is a self-fulfilling course of action. In some relationships, the Scorpio will need to rein in their obsessive side.

They are also noted for their capacity for vengefulness. They may need to curb their instincts if they have been wronged, as otherwise they could find themselves in trouble!

Scorpios are also secretive. This can add to their allure, and make them more magnetic. However, being secretive can also be very lonely, too – Scorpios need to remember that there is little point being secretive for its own sake.

Scorpios can sometimes be manipulative. They may not necessarily see their actions this way, but they should bear in mind that sometimes they will appear as such.

The most successful Scorpio will recognise both the extent of their strengths and be able to identify their weaknesses too. Only then will they be able to master the former and curb the latter.

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Pisces characteristics

People born between 20th February and 20th March have the Sun sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, like Scorpio and Cancer.

Pisces Personality

Pisceans are a very compassionate and empathetic sign. If you are born under the sign of Pisces, you will hate to hurt another person’s feelings, and will go out of your way to make sure that you cater. Pisceans become very emotionally attached to causes and other people. If someone they care about has been treated unjustly or has been harmed, they will become very upset.

Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs in the Zodiac. People born in under this sign tend to operate using their gut instinct and feel for a situation, rather than weighing up things rationally. However, their intuition is usually very good.

Pisces Hobbies

Imagination is another key characteristic of Pisceans. They love to create fantasy worlds that they can escape into, and tend to love science fiction and fantasy novels. They also enjoy painting, photography and any other medium that changes the world’s appearance from a sometimes dull reality.

As well as art, Pisceans are very interested in the spiritual world. They tend to be fascinated by the occult and spiritual matters. However, due to their trusting nature and fascination with dominant personalities, a Piscean should be careful that their interest in alternative systems of belief does not end in someone more cynical taking advantage of them.

Pisces Careers

Pisces people often have careers that tie in with their formidable creative energies. You will often find them working as photographers, painters or writers. They can also be very musical, too, and enjoy both classical and contemporary music.

Pisceans are also drawn to work with others, too. Their compassionate nature means that they may be drawn to work in medicine. They may combine this element of their personality with their interest in the human psyche, and become a psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor.

Whatever career they choose, Pisceans sometimes lack motivation when doing routine or administrative tasks, dealing with accounts or other humdrum tasks. However, they need to master this element of their personality – okay, doing the filing isn’t as exciting as writing a short story about living in another galaxy, but failure to do boring jobs can hold them back.

Pisces in love

Pisceans tend not to be the dominant member of a partnership. They almost always need to be partnered by a strong, positive companion who will give them direction and help to focus both their philanthropy and creative energies. Pisceans tend to be not very good at money, so it is likely that their loved one will need to manage this element of the household.

Pisces are very sensitive and caring and will go out of their way to nurture you if you are lucky enough to have a relationship with one of them. They will really look after you, and make sure that your every need is satisfied.

They are very romantic creatures, and will deliver and expect sweeping gestures to demonstrate your relationship. However, be aware that the Piscean need for romance can sometimes be rather unrealistic and at odds with getting practical things done or spending money on mundane but necessary things.

Every so often, you’ll need to make a grandiose gesture, or you can do smaller things all the time. Pisceans would like big gestures often, though, and may sulk if they feel that they are not getting sufficient attention. One of the best ways around this may be to plan a romantic trip in advance and let them know, so they have something to look forward to!

In bed, Pisceans love role play and will become completely involved with erotic games. They dislike routine.

If you have an argument with a Pisces lover, then you’ll find that they go for the emotional cards every time. When they are caught up in the heat of the moment, there’s absolutely no point in trying to get them to look rationally at things – it’s just something that they are not very good at! However, if you let them calm down, then their basic kind nature means that they are unlikely to let problems fester.

Pisces in friendship

Pisceans are extremely loyal and are very sensitive and caring. They will stick with you through good times, but also bad times when many other so-called ‘friends’ will disappear.

However, you need to be careful that your relationship does not become too dominated by whatever drama is going on in the life of your Pisces friend. They can be quite high maintenance and require a lot of support, and are forever making mistakes in terms of who they fall in love with.

They will occasionally need frank advice if they are going down a road that is only going to do them harm- you will also need to dish out this advice too, purely for your own sanity! However, don’t be too blunt and don’t expect them to take this very well, and they may sulk for a while before getting out of their mood!

On the plus side, Pisceans can be very good fun and will go out of their way to preserve your friendship. Their ideas for nights out may appear somewhat impractical – but if you go along with them, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Pisces faults

On the downside, Pisceans can become very moody and withdrawn for no particular reason. Because they spend a lot of time attempting to live on another planet, the causes that Pisceans attach themselves to can sometimes be maddeningly pointless.

At their worst, Pisceans can be lazy, self-indulgent, self pitying and completely lacking in any sort of direction. They also can become very easily bogged down in someone else’s misery, and can have something of an addictive personality.

In order to get the best out of life, a Piscean will need to have strong, positive friends and partners who can give them a direction and also keep them grounded. Sometimes Piscean fancies can lead to greatness – but sometimes they need a friend with a sense of humour to lance their pretentiousness!



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Love match for sign Capricorn

Capricorns can take a while to get to know. They tend to be very methodical and deliberate in affairs of the heart. This is partly because in everything, not just love, they like to be slow and steady.

Their apparent lack of emotion also hides their insecurity, too. Capricorns won’t make any sudden or big romantic gestures because they fear being rebuffed and made to look foolish.

However, once you have a Capricorn on your side, you’ll find that they gradually open out to become passionate about you and your relationship. They will still be more likely to show their love by fixing your car or making you dinner than buying a dozen red roses – but then, that’s not always a bad thing!

Good matches

Capricorns get on very well with Cancer, as Capricorns enjoy being nurtured.In fact, all of the water signs, which also include Scorpios and Pisces, can be very good with Capricorns.

Virgos are also very good matches with Capricorns, as both are practical and considerate. However, care should be taken to avoid the union getting staid. Of the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn make a good match, while Capricorns who are in love with other Capricorns may find that they compete a lot!

More challenging matches

These relationships won’t necessarily be doomed from the off, but they will be hard-going at times. Both sides will need to compromise and communicate to keep things going.

Capricorns are introverted and quiet – unlike Leos, who are flashy and enjoy being the centre of attention. This can be quite an unbalanced relationship. The other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, do not clash quite as much, and can be invigorating for the Capricorn. In fact, they’re perfect for a fling.

Capricorns usually find the air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra – baffling. If you want a challenge and to shake up your boundaries, try taking up with one of these.




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Capricorn and Taurus relationship

This is an excellent relationship, as both Taurus and Capricorn have very similar characteristics. Both are interested in practical matters and attention to detail. Both work very hard and have similar philosophy towards life.

Capricorns tend to be authority figures, with great ambition. This will attract Taurus, who will impress Capricorn with their steadiness, commitment to the routine, and reliability.

Both signs like to nurtured when they are not at work, meaning that their home will be a cozy and warm place. This match will make for a household with strict routines too, and in a long term relationship they need to be able to cope with the spontaneous demands of others that they care for. This advice applies to children, but also to pets.

The main downfall of this relationship is that it can become rather staid. Both Capricorn and Taurus can be rather set in their ways. They will need to hang out with some air or fire signs to make sure that they do not become completely stuck in a rut.

They should also try not to, for example, go to exactly the same place on holiday every year, watch the same types of films and eat at the same places. Keeping things varied with keep things fresh – and give the couple something to complain about if things aren’t up to their standards!

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Are Taurus Leos compatible?

Taurus and Leo can be a tough match to master – but once you’ve got it cracked, you’ll have an excellent partnership.

Leos like to be dominant and lead, and also like to be the centre of attention. Leos enjoy providing vision and motivation, but may lack staying power and attention to detail.

Those born under the sign of Taurus, on the other hand, are very focused on practicality and detail. They are far more placid and calm than Leos, and like to be steady and deliberate.

Potential problems in this relationship centre around the Leo flashiness and arrogance set against the deliberation and the stubbornness of their Taurus partner. Leos can enjoy showing off and may be tempted to bully their beloved into going along with their plans, particularly if Taurus is taking a while to settle on a particular course. Taurus will have very little truck for this, and although they may be dazzled by Leo at first, will have a fairly small tolerance level for a Leo they think is trying to boss them around. There may be a bit of a power struggle in this relationship from the off.

To get around things, Leo will need to remember that their natural inclination towards drama and being the lead will have to be toned down. Taurus like to talk things through rationally and slowly to find the best solution to a problem, and this is generally the best way to go.

However, Taurus will also need to consider whether or not decisions really need to be made in this way – sometimes, Taurus will have to drop their natural resistance to a sudden change of plan or new project, and just live for the moment. Leos often do have very good ideas and visions, after all, and will reasonably become frustrated if everything they suggest needs to be pontificated about at great length.

Money could be a problem. Leos enjoy conspicuous consumption more than Taurus, who may be more interested in saving for a rainy day. The best bet is for Taurus to sometimes go along with that dinner out at the new restaurant with the great reviews. But if money becomes an issue and Taurus becomes uncomfortable with Leo’s unfettered spending, then Taurus will need to sit down and agree a budget, one that perhaps includes some money set aside for ‘impulse’ buys.

If this partnership works, it can work very well indeed. By working together and utilising both the Leo vision and the practicality of the Taurus, this couple will achieve a great deal together. However, both will need to communicate and reign in some of their more negative personality traits in order to found a lasting relationship.




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Capricorn male in love

Whether in love or in friendships, Capricorns can be rather inscrutable and difficult to work out. However, with time, effort and patience, you’ll form a lasting and solid bond with the goat in your life!

Capricorns, rather like Virgos, can seem rather emotionless. They can be apparently cold and unfeeling, and this may make you think that your love affair is headed for the rocks when it’s barely got going.

However, a key phrase to remember with a Capricorn man is “still waters run deep”. Although Capricorns are not big on romantic gestures, this is not to say that they haven’t fallen for you in a big way.

With all things, Capricorns like to be very deliberate and slow. They dislike taking risks in romance as well as at work. You may need to put in more time and effort chatting to and flirting with your Capricorn than with other, more confident star signs.

Don’t expect any lightning moves either. With a Capricorn, your relationship will progress slowly and steadily at a pace that he feels comfortable with. This can be quite frustrating as you may feel that it takes him far too long to decide on what to have on his pizza, never mind making any long-term romantic commitments!

The good news is that, if you persevere, the Capricorn man will be as passionate and committed as its possible to be. It takes him a while to decide on a course of action, but once he’s decided he’s yours and you are his, he will stick with you forever. He will tend to show his love in practical ways – but having this man by your side is a definite asset, even if other women get more roses and chocolates from their beaus.

In the bedroom, it may take him a while to work out how to make you scream – but once he’s got there, you’ll be glad he took the time. Similarly, you’ll need to gently coax him to reveal his innermost fantasies. Once the relationship has developed, you’ll be extremely happy together.

In the home, Capricorn likes routine. He enjoys being nurtured and can be something of a traditionalist too. Capricorns are generally very well organised and expect their families to be the same – this can pose problems if you are not particularly neat and organised, and you will need to negotiate a lot to sort it out.

Another possible problem is that Capricorns tend to be very focused on their career. They work very hard, and sometimes it feels as if they’re putting in too many hours in the office to the detriment of your relationship. One way of dealing with this is to accept that Capricorn shows his love for you by providing. However, you should also be careful that he genuinely does spend enough time with you – sometimes, the work can wait!

Capricorns tend to get on well with Cancer – however, this match can sometimes pander a little too much to the Capricorn love of routine, which can make for a rather stale relationship. Capricorns also get on well with those born under the signs of Taurus and Virgo.

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How to keep an Aries man interested

You’ve won an Aries man – well done. But once the thrill of the chase is over – and with an Aries, it is thrilling! – this can be a difficult relationship to get right.

You will need to understand the basic nature of the Aries man. They are very independent and strong willed. They prefer action to talk, and talking to contemplative silence. They will often act without consulting near and dear ones – including you.

They can also be very impetuous. They can be very blunt about speaking the truth as they see it, and consequently can cause a lot of upset to those close to them.

Part of the challenge of maintaining a relationship with them is understanding that they are very passionate and driven by goals. They never mean to cause any harm, and will quite often need the consequences of their actions spelled out to them – simply going in the huff will only irritate them.

Perhaps more difficult is that, in order not to become crushed beneath the Aries ego, you will need to stand up to your man. He might, for example, suddenly determined to move to another city, change career, emigrate or study, and be so convinced by his reasoning that he believes that this will be in everyone’s best interests.

However, you will have your own career, desires and dreams, that may sometimes be incompatible with sudden demands from your Aries mate. You’ll need wit, charm and determination, and also negotiating skills, to work his plans into something that will suit you both.

You shouldn’t always be the person to compromise, either, as this will set an unhealthy pattern that will damage your relationship in the long run.

It’s also worth remembering that an Aries will upset other people, too – not just you! You know that he doesn’t mean to offend the neighbours or a set of relatives – however, from where they’re sitting, he may have appeared irrational or downright rude.

You may need to spend some time smoothing ruffled feathers when required. But remember that you’ll also need to stand up to your Aries and point out to him when he has been offhand and arrogant.

If you live with your Aries, remember that he believes that his battles should be fought outside the home. Despite his rather gruff exterior, he’s a big softy in domestic situations, and loves a cozy house. He still likes to be in charge though!

If you can crack this relationship, Aries are fiercely loyal, deeply honest, and your Aries man will be at your side for a long, long time.

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